Enjoy a time of fellowship, food, fun, and great gospel
music in an informal country setting.

3200 E South Island Drive
Shelton, Washington 98584
Telephone 360 545-3377

The next Gospel Potluck will be in May, 2018
2:00 PM to 6:00 PM


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What is the Glory Barn?

The Glory Barn is a personal ministry devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ. We share His love through a community outreach where we share gospel music, good food, great fellowship and fun for all ages. We are located on Harstine Island, near Shelton, Washington.

Since 2002, the Glory Barn has been hosting a Gospel Potluck each month during warmer weather, typically May through September. Last year the attendance varied between 40 and 100 per event with young and old enjoying themselves in this peaceful country setting. Gospel Music is provided by those attending - we have professional audio facilities for singers and other musicians. We offer a non-threatening atmosphere to encourage younger performers to use their talents for the Lord in their local church after sharing at the Glory Barn. Dates for the 2017 season were May 20, June 17, July 15, August 12, and September 2. New dates for the 2018 season will be posted in April, 2018. The time for all events is from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Is there any significance to the name?

Dr. Dennis Teague, a good friend and fellow pastor, writes an inspirational column or blog called River Rafting. He wrote about a Glory Barn in his October 2000 blog. Here are his words from that writing:

The Glory Barn
God has a sense of humor and maybe He gets tickled by saving people in unusual ways. My friend Toni tells a story from the move of God fifty years ago in Mason County, Washington. People met in the 'Glory Barn' on a dairy farm along Goldsborough Creek in the town of Shelton. One of the local mockers of the movement happened to be passing the Glory Barn during a meeting. He left his family in the car and sneaked up to the building to see what these holy rollers were doing. He thought he could get a few laughs with the boys at the barbershop if he had an eyewitness report for them. He was peeking through a knothole in the barn-board wall when the Holy Ghost hit him! He was saved and led many of his family members and friends to Christ.

Our goal is to offer a venue where people can come for a fun, relaxing and non-threatening time, meeting believers and enjoying Christian fellowship. While here, we pray that their hearts will be open to God's leading. If they are already a believer, we want the fire of the Holy Spirit to ignite their spirits to an even greater relationship with Him. If a person is not yet a believer, we want the Holy Spirit to touch them and woo them into a full, faith inspired relationship with the Living God!







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